Thursday, 14 December 2017

CP - Denfield Side Road

CP eastbound at Denfield side road Oct 19, 2000.
This is a follow-up to yesterdays Wordless Wednesday. Back during the fall of 2000 I spent an afternoon track side on the Denfield overpass watching for CN and CPR movements. At this location the two railroads parallel each other. These are a few of my slide that have been scanned from that day...George Dutka

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Visting Menards

Menards train section in Pt. Huron. Many of the offerings can be ordered on-line.
I don't know if you have seen the ads over the past few years from Menards in RMC and MR. On the weekend we spent a night with friends in Michigan shopping eating and so on. On our way home we stopped at Menards builders supply store in Pt. Huron. Menards is kind of like Lowe's and Home Depot but with a lot more. At Christmas they have a train section which is well stocked with Lionel Trains and structures in O and HO. Most of what I saw during over visit was O scale. Most of the buildings on display had their lights on and vents and so on working. I did not see any of the vehicles they offer. Sorry about my photos as I took them with my pocket camera which needed the flash for anything to turn out...George Dutka

The structure displays are all lighted and mostly O scale.

A look down the shelves.
The end display to a long isle of train cars and buildings.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Snapshot - December 2017

VIA no. 72 approaching Komoka, Ontario.
Now that winter is setting in here is a photo I took in B&W back on February 12, 1991 framed by a snow fence. A typical train of the era with snow fences one would see. I don't recall in recent years seeing many snow fences in this area around Komoka. Back then I took a lot of B&W photos, developing them myself in my home made darkroom...George Dutka

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Water Tank Cleanup

I recently cleaned up a kind of rough looking water tank. Someone had assembled it using household tube silicone that would be used around windows and doors. It was a real mess. The good thing was it came off pretty well. Once I removed the ugly base and silicone I painted the parts with Walmart dollar spray-bomb flat black. From there the rest was done with PanPastels...George Dutka

The ugly base was removed and one can see the silicone gooped around the bottom of the tank.

After painting the model black PanPastels are used to complete the project.

This project was completed from beginning to what one sees here in just over an hour. As I don't need another tank, this model was sold to a gentleman that needed one for his layout.

Friday, 8 December 2017

Rapido Dash 8 and NCE Power Cab's

New Power on the WRD.
This week my Rapido Dash 8 No. 2422 arrived via Peter. This is for my summer operations and I have been toying with purchasing some of the engines that I worked on. When I got a chance I tried the Dash 8 out. Well everything was going wonky. F8 which normally turns on the sound was giving me the doppler effect. The engine would not move although revved up when the headlights was turned on. It ran fine without the sound on unless you turned on the headlights.

Peter and I visited Jeff in St. Thomas who owns Railway City Hobbies and is really good with DCC. Well the engine ran perfectly on his test track and the files seemed to be perfect. While we discussed what was happening on the WRD Jeff mentioned that older NCE Power Cab might need updating for use with current Loksound decoders. So off we went to try it out once again at home. I do have two NCE units, one for the WRD and a newer unit on my narrow gauge module. I tried the newer unit and it works perfectly. I looked up the manuals to get the dates they were published. The unit that is wonky is Rev. 1.1 dated 2004. The newer unit which worked fine with the Rapido unit is Rev. 1.65 dated 2012. I hope this information helps anyone who is using NCE...George Dutka

Forgot to mention I will be away so no post tomorrow...the reason for a second one today.

Kip Grant's D&H Don Janrs

D&H RS-3 4078 and caboose have tied up beside the Sunnyvale freight shed after a days work

Operating on Kip Grant's D&H Layout

     Back on Oct.18 Greg Stubbings and I visited Kip Grants D&H layout. This visit just happened to fall on a night when Kip was hosting an operating session with his regular crew and invited us to participate.  I have not done a lot of operating on other people's layouts but have taken part in several operating sessions lately and am starting to really enjoy that aspect of the hobby.  Greg is an avid operator and loves to do so on any layout that he gets the chance to.  On this particular night I was assigned to the engineer on the Sunnyvale Yard job with Kip acting as my conductor.  There were also several other crews working various trains around the layout. What amazes me about operation is that once you start working your train you become completely oblivious to all the other goings on around the layout even if they are almost right beside you.  
   One thing I really liked about Kip's operating session was the way the various trains interact with each other, interchanging cars, swapping power and various other moves.  I was kept very busy at Sunnyvale, switching the main yard, running down to Fenimore and switching the industries there and making up a lift for Hill Freight freight which arrived later in the session. The time flew by and before I knew it  the session was over and it was time for some socializing then we headed back to our hotel.  It was a great evening, seeing Kip's layout again, meeting and operating with his regular crew and just talking trains in general.  Greg and I really enjoyed our time at Kip's place and hopefully will be able to return for another operating session on Kip's fantastic layout.
Here we see Greg Stubbings, engineer and Blair Davies, conductor, assembling SC-6 or the "Hill Freight" as the locals call it, at Junction Yard.  Looks like they are all business
Looks like the local railroaders are having a heated discussion outside the shanty.
The Hill Freight's two Alco RS-3's are just backing onto their train at Junction Yard.
Just outside of Junction Yard is the Hudson Box Company.  Looks like business is good judging from all the activity
Here is a great looking scene where the train is passing a stream and small cabin where two bathing beauties are soaking up the sun
The two D&H RS-3's are passing a farm scene that Kip has created.  The barn is modelled after a real barn on the family property next door.
The folks on the farm pay little attention to the train as it passes the farm.  This scene, like every scene on Kip's layout  is packed with realistic details
Our freight is just pulling into Jasperdale where it will do some switching then head for Sunnyvale.
This great looking lumber yard is one of the industries at Jasperdale that is served by rail
The Hill Freight is just arriving at Sunnyvale where it will yard its train and pick up a new one and run back to Junction Yard.
Another look at the Sunnyvale skyline. A very impressive city scene.
Greg is getting ready to lift his train for the return trip to Junction Yard as I look on.
An overall look at the Sunnyvale area of the layout.  It features great structures and realistic scenery

Here is Kip's great looking industrial area at Fenimore. It is a small area but provides a lot of switching operation

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Rust Buckets

This car was found at Cambridge Jct. Vermont, April 2, 1989 during a trip Warren Dodgson and I took. It was a D&H car at one time as you can see a ghost of a herald. The D&H used many of these old cars as land fill when washouts occurred. This one must have survived long enough to leave the line. Warren's photo.
If you need some guidance and inspiration for weathering your freight cars these two rust buckets might help. There is more rust than paint found on these two found along the LVRC....George Dutka

This car was found in Morrisville, Vt. again on April 2, 1989. It was being used as storage at that time. Ghosting of two logos can be seen. Warren Dodgson photo.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

1317 Correction - Jim Sloan

A view taken by Peter Mumby on Jim Sloan's layout.
One of the views yesterday is of a model built by Jim's friend. Here is what Jim had to say. "That switcher, 1317 was assembled, painted and weathered for me by Sean Steele.  I had asked Sean to do it for me, and he did an outstanding job." Good work Sean. I worked with Sean for a bit on CN when he was a brakeman and also with his father who was once employed at the CN roundhouse here in London...George Dutka

This unit is for Jim's short line.

Wordless Wednesday No. 261


Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Sarnia Visit

A view on Don Janes Green Mountain Route. Peter Mumby photo
Yesterday I mentioned Peter Mumby and I made a trip to Sarnia to visit with Don Janes and Jim Sloan. I had not been to Don's home in about a year although we have been together many times on adventures. It has been a few years for Peter since he visited the Green Mountain Route. Our friend Luc Sabourin was also over visiting at Don's to get ideas for a new layout he is about to begin.

After Lunch Peter and I headed over to Jim Sloan's, a short drive away. Jim is an industrial area modeler. His layout is similar to the old core industrial area of Detroit. Jim's era is modern up to when graffiti started showing up on rolling stock. We could not pin down the date that actually happened, we would love to hear from someone that knows. It seems like graffiti was a gradual change. Jim is a very fine modeler, his engines and rolling stock are over the top. His layout runs a GTW mainline that connects with a shortline. More can be found on his blog, link below...George Dutka

I catch Peter working on documenting our visit.

Luc and Don discuss what might happen in Waterbury.
A few post back I covered my Alloy Forms model. Here we see Don's version.

Group photo at Don's. Left to right is Peter, George, Don and Luc.

Peter catches Jim talking to me while his GTW freight operates around him.
Jim has done a fine job with the weathering of this unit.

A look at the engine terminal on Jim Sloan's layout. Peter Mumby photo

Monday, 4 December 2017

Novacor Locomotive - Sarnia

At the Sarnia VIA station there is a display of new and old tunnel liners. This is one of the new versions framing  no. 40.
Last Wednesday Peter Mumby and I made a trip to Sarnia following the CN mainline. We cut in at a few location to check out the signals but no luck till we got really close to Sarnia.. An eastbound was just leaving Blackwell (east end of Sarnia) and a meet was set up with a westbound half way back to London.  Running late by this point there was no time to turn around as we had a visit planned with Don Janes and Jim Sloan. We did get lucky at lunch when we stopped by the VIA station. Peter dug up the following facts about this engine. Novacor no.40,  an EMD SW1000, nee Houston Belt & Terminal was idling in front of the station. That turned out to be the only railfanning we got in other that the basement kind...more on our visit to Sarnia tomorrow...George Dutka

The day was mostly sunny but for this shot we got lucky with the clouds shading the sun behind the engine. The station platform is not the best place for photographs on sunny days.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

More Weathered Rolling Stock

The two newest WRD coal hoppers are ready for service.
I have been busy weathering up some more of my coal hoppers. This is a type of rolling stock I had not focused on in the past. These two hoppers are both Athearn models which I picked up second hand with resin coal loads added. I replaced the stirrups with Tichy parts and the brake wheels with a Kadee wheel. I also added air hoses to the D&H car...George Dutka

The Athearn hopper is seen with the stirrups changed out.

The weathering of the D&H hopper was done with a mix of PanPastels over acrylic paints. All the material used is seen in this photo.

Most of the weathering is done to the car. The coal load got a fresh coat of paint and a dusting of PanPastel coarse coal dust.

The finished model.

With Winter nearing it is good to know the WRD has a small fleet of hoppers full of coal en-route.